by Matt Stockl

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released February 24, 2015

Matt Stockl



all rights reserved


Matt Stockl UK

Upbeat songs with downbeat lyrics and a dark sense of humour. Live, Matt plays folk-leaning acoustic music, stripped back and solo, whilst his demos are fused with synth drones, layered harmonies, homemade percussion and glitch electronics. Recently his songs have received regular play on both BBC Introducing and BBC6 music with Tom Robinson. ... more

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Track Name: Mine Is The Ocean
Oh sister lend to me your shaky little hand and I'll extend the old familiar themes of love and jealousy and loss of life upon this sloping silent sea shore.

When I passed I parted wholly with the land. Now I go shoaling with the fishes or I separate like many grains of sand upon the sea bed, I am stirred by the moon. Though I never wanted you to suffer you will suffer soon. Though I never meant for you to fall, the fall comes soon.

In life I never learned to turn a clever phrase. My tongue would lignify, I stumbled through my dealings. Now I am so eloquent, my voice is clear. Though I never wished you harm, harm draws near.

I bear no grudges, I wish my sister well. I love to drift and dream in forest black and submarine but justice on the land is not the same as in the sea. The judge and all his men may take a dimmer view than me.

I hope you're happy with your rich and fickle man. I hope you're happy for the time that's left to you before the law comes with his length of rope and hangs you up high. Mine is the ocean, yours the sky. Mine the ocean, yours the sky.
Track Name: Black Friday Riot List
Born in the black friday riots I was transformed by violent tides. Whereas once upon a time I was happy to stand in the line, now I'm forced to defile it.

Forged in the black friday riots, I hardly knew myself before I gave in to the cravings within me. Man, I'd kill for an LCD TV.

Maybe you think you can fight it, you reckon your morals are strong. You believe you would leave when confronted with savings like these. I believe you are wrong.

You'll be with me in the melee, we'll be the ones swinging fists. And you'll bleed from the teeth while I grab everything within reach. As I cross off my black friday riot list.

As I cross off my black friday riot list.
Track Name: A Problem Shared
I used to sit in silence and receive the blows. I made all the right noises at the appropriate times, I was master of the sympathetic smile. Gradually I realised I was bent by many weights, many problems that were not mine. So I battened down the hatches and closed the gates, because a problem shared is a problem multiplied.

Time can be unkind the years will take their toll, the soul's precariously tethered to the bone. Many vicious elements combined to weather mine like a stone.

One day my sympathies lay down and died. Charity had murdered me, I hung my head and cried. My soul was like sponge, I wrung it dry. And I battened down the hatches and I shunned the world outside, because a problem shared is a problem multiplied.
Track Name: Least Haunted
Mother, how come I feel so undone? Hollow, sorrowful, silent and numb.

Mother, how come I feel so undone? Lately I'm greatly disturbed at the state of your son.

Last night I fell from my window, I'm clumsy that way. This morning I woke on my pillow in terrible pain.

Mother, how come I feel so undone? Hollow, sorrowful, silent and numb.

This morning visitors came to my house, I tried to escape but I couldn't get out. I ran to the bathroom and bolted the door then I fell to the floor and I wept. Idiots savant and psychics in drag, screaming young women who bully and bait me. Why does it feel like a hundred odd years since I slept?

Send in Acorah, send in Yvette, send in the psychic parade.

Send in the gormless celebrity guest, send in the screaming young maid.

Send in the camera man, send in the cast, send in the modern day mage.

Send in the sceptic, send in the scientist, forgive him his heretic ways.

Send in Acorah, send in Yvette, send in the psychic parade, to mistake my name and my manner of death, to trample all over my grave.

Send in Acorah, send in Yvette, send the whole sorry parade, it's years since I rested, it's years since I slept, I'm coming to terms with my age.

Send in Acorah, send in Yvette, send the whole sorry charade, they pushed me too often, they pushed me too far, and I aim to do damage today.